Things I Do: Master my Aeropress Technique

If your name is Tom and you bowl with me, or you’re just someone considering an Aeropress, or you have one and you’ve struggled early with making the perfect cup of coffee, this blog entry is for you.

Fact: an Aeropress makes a superior cup of coffee.

Fact: at first, an Aeropress is a bit messy, and you’ll wonder if you’re using it right.

Fact: you’ll figure it out – just be patient. Don’t rush things.

Fact: eventually, the thought of waiting for a drip-brew pot of coffee to finish brewing so you can have a way-too-acidic cup of coffee . . . it’ll make you cringe and you’ll wonder to yourself, wow, did I actually live like that?

Fact: you’ll talk about your amazing coffee and friends will either (a) zone out, or (b) call you a coffee snob to your face or behind you back. But it’s OK, because you will have brought your coffee drinking to another level and when you have coffee as good as an Aeropress makes it, it’s worthy of conversation.

So, Tom (and Aniella and Lauren) . . . here you go. You’ll notice at the 1:30 mark I really have to lean on the plunger for the final bit of pressure, and that’s perfectly normal. I use a fine grind, but not too fine. If you get really, really fine, the plunger won’t push through. Practice with a semi-fine grind, then work up to a finer grind. Heck …practice with Kroger grounds just to get the technique. An Aeropress even makes cheap Kroger coffee taste pretty darn good. Good luck. We’ll talk at bowling next week and I expect you’ll have a big, coffee drinking smile on your face.

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