Things I Think: This is Clever

A friend sent this to me and I’ve read it at least a hundred times to try and detect what sort of political propaganda is being hidden in the message, and for a change, my friend actually sent me something without a hidden agenda. I thought it was pretty good …but, if you read it and think this is some sorta Democrepublitea hate speak, leave a comment.

A pencil maker tells all his pencils 5 important lessons before putting each in their box:

1. Everything you do will always leave a mark.

2. You can always correct the mistakes you make.

3. What is important is inside of you.

4. In life, you will undergo painful sharpenings, which will only make you better.

5. To be the best pencil, you must allow yourself to be held and guided by the hand that holds you.

And now, some AMAZING pencil art.

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