Things I Love: This Little Light of Mine

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

I don’t typically use my blog to talk about my kids or to talk about anything but me, really. I usually figure nobody wants to hear about my kids and, out of respect, they’ve never really given me permission to use their likeness to promote my brand. But I gotta spend a moment talking about my li’l 5-year-old. It seems she REALLY wishes she had a baby sister or brother, so much so, she’s invented one. For years she’s wished her own name was Riley (instead of the name we gave her). When my 5-year-old plays with her stuffed animals, one of them is always named Riley.

She loves the name Riley.

Sadly, my 5-year-old is our third born, and she’ll always be the youngest – except in her mind. My daughter doesn’t have an imaginary friend – she has an imaginary little sister …named Riley. And at school when she recently drew a picture of our family, Riley was included and she told everyone about Riley, and she was so convincing, her teacher had to ask my wife, “do you have another daughter?”

She’s a born salesman, and like all good salesmen, she’s first convinced herself so it makes it easier to convince others.

In her mind, she’s a Dog Trainer, as well. And if you ask my Dad, according to my daughter, we don’t brush our teeth during the day at our house and Mom let’s her wear jewelry (Mom’s jewelry) to school.

My Dad always tells me, and has told me for years, that we’ll have our hands full with our little one, and it seems like he’s going to be right. And sadly, it’s nothing new …and he’s probably right.

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