Things I Love: Cool Apps

I have an iPad. Not an iPad2 …just the plain ol’ original. And I LOVE it. I think it’s about the coolest electronic gadget I’ve ever had in my life.

I know, I’m not alone and I ain’t sayin’ anything millions of geeks haven’t already said.

I’m really excited today about The Weather Channel’s new app. If it’s anywhere near as cool as it looks in this video, I’m going to be checking and doing all sorts of weather related things today. In fact, if this app is as cool as it looks, I’m thinking this is really going to jump start iPad sales among senior citizens …they LOVE obsessing about weather.

I’m pushing 40, so it’s about time I start taking my weather condition obsession more seriously.

My Friday is suddenly looking partly awesome with a 5 to 10mph  geek blowing in from the west, and a 50% chance of time-wasting this evening.

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