Weezer Stuff

There are better places on the Internet to get Weezer news, but why work that hard. Here, you’re reading stuff from a guy who was among the first ever to subscribe to their fan club newsletter back in 1993 when the newsletter was delivered by U.S. Mail.

I don’t know who they’re dating. I don’t know Rivers’ wife’s name, and I don’t know how many kids he has. I don’t know what kinda car the bass player drives.

But I know enough.

Like this …they (Weezer) just released a video for the song “California Snow” which is on the soundtrack for a movie called Spell. The movie looks odd and freaky and not like a movie I would typically watch, but because Weezer has a really cool song on the soundtrack, I might just find my way to a movie theater to check it out …oh, and it looks artsy, so it would kick my hipness up a notch and some night I might be having a random conversation and someone might mention Spell, and I can be like, “I saw that and it really spoke to me, and do you know Weezer is featured on the soundtrack?”

Here’s the movie trailer followed by Weezer video for “California Snow” and features the hilarious Adam Devine being hilarious as he can while lip-syncing.


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