Things I’m Doing: If This Then That


Co-worker C.G. just yelled to me, “hey, Don! Come here. Look at this.”

“This” is a site called If This Then That, and if I understand correctly, it allows interactions between our many channels to be automated. This blog entry is a test of that.

I’m posting this blog entry on WordPress, and I’ve created a Recipe (a “recipe” is what If This Then That calls a relationship I make between two channels …”channels” in this case being WordPress and Twitter) that says, whenever I post something new to this blog, a Tweet will be sent, alerting my zero readers.

So. If you follow @donkowalewski on Twitter, you’re here because you saw the Tweet this blog entry automatically Tweeted via the “recipe” I created, and that’s cool. And if you didn’t see this on Twitter, well, thanks for reading anyway. How did you happen to get here? Leave a comment. Comments make me feel cool and like I have readers.

If this (worked) then that (is awesome).

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