Don’t be Boring

Don’t be boring. Be fun. Be interesting. Stand out in a crowd. Show your individualism.

Some might say, “don’t try so hard,” but I say, “why not?”

We all have such a short time here, why would any of us mail-it-in? The older I get, the bolder. Something fun, funny, or interesting I do might make someone smile, laugh, or be inspired.

If I could invent a time machine, I’d go back in time and tell my younger-self this …”ya know all those things you’re NOT doing because you’re a little embarrassed or shy or because you’re worrying what others think? Well, does it make you happy? Does it excite you? Then do it. Do it big and bold and with joy.” My 18-year-old-self still probably wouldn’t listen, but it wouldn’t stop me from telling him …er, me.

Just a small example …I like loud shoelaces in my shoes. Loud, colorful shoelaces take a boring pair of shoes and give them flavor. Some people I know say, “no” and “that’s a bit much” but why would I listen if I think it looks better than the laces that came with the shoes and makes me feel good?

It’s a life philosophy we should all consider. When I go into a room, or join a conversation, or call someone, or Email someone, or sit down next to someone …do I bring energy, fun, love and positivity to the situation? We’re living in a world where most people, it seems, like to complain or disparage other people and groups. Or people feel compelled to talk about others in a negative way. Oh, he’s an idiot. Those people are morons. I hate so-and-so. Things are going to hell. That’s terrible and that’s terrible and if you don’t agree with me, you’re terrible.

See what I mean? You see and hear this, yes?

Go ahead. Try and bring me down or get me to gossip and complain. I won’t do it.

Because I have happy, colorful laces in my shoes. I wear a loud blazer. I have crazy socks. I smile at people. I like people. I know there’s good in everyone. I want to talk about nice things. I want to hear something good happening to you.

I’m not naïve. I know bad things happen. But losing a sale, dropping a call because of sketchy wireless service, or having to snake the drain in your sink because it clogged for the hundredth time …well, those won’t really bother me for long.

How do fun shoelaces fit into this life philosophy? Well, it starts with the small stuff. If you take a little effort to make your shoes a work-of-art. If you write something nice on a sticky-note and put it on your co-workers windshield. If you know something that bothers your wife and work hard NOT to do that thing …or you know what makes her happy, even a small thing, and  you DO that thing. If you call someone and simply tell them one thing you like about them. Little things build on top of other little things and suddenly, you do fun, nice, and interesting things without even thinking about it or trying.

So …at the very least, add a little color to your life.

The shoes below came with grey laces. I added orange laces and the shoes burst to life. My new shoes came with dark blue laces. Those will be changed to yellow or grey.



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