Writing Stuff, Part 1: Finally an Idea

Mark today on your calendar. Today is the day, after more than a decade of Blogging, that I’ve finally figured out what my Blog is gonna be and how I’m gonna organize it.

I’m into stuff. So my Blog is going to be about all the “stuff” I’m in to.

  • Coffee Stuff
  • Lung Stuff
  • Dad Stuff
    • Lawn Stuff
  • Sales Stuff
    • Motivational Stuff
  • Radio Stuff
  • Advertising Stuff
  • Organizing Stuff
  • Random Stuff
  • Podcast Stuff
  • Writing Stuff

And there’ll be other stuff.

Trust me, this is exciting stuff. I’m hopeful that someday it can be a lesson to my many friends who’ve started stuff, and then stopped doing stuff, that it’s OK.

Just because you wanted to be a novelist and never wrote a novel, well, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it now. Want to write a screenplay? Do it. Want to have a Podcast? Want to be a chef? Want to start a new job? Want to get in shape, exercise and be healthy?

Doesn’t matter when you start, or how many times you’ve started and stopped.

Start stuff.

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