Dad Stuff, Part 1: Eviction Notice

Welcome to a new category on the Blog …Dad Stuff.

Ours is a house divided. How? Gender-specific bathrooms (I know …not very “woke”). However it happened, the girls (Mom, teen-daughter #1, and teen-daughter #2) have the upstairs, remodeled, pretty bathroom, and the boys (Dad and teen-age son) have the less-pretty basement bathroom. The boy’s shower isn’t much to look at and looks dirty even when clean, but it does have the best shower head, great water pressure, and most of all …it has super-hot water. 

Teen-daughter #1 like to use the boy’s shower.

The boy’s shower, and bathroom, follows a minimalist’s vision. A single bar of soap for Dad. A single bottle of body wash for the boy. One bottle of shampoo for both. That’s it. Everything has its place. Nothing changes. We like it that way.

Teen-daughter brings multiple bottles of body wash, shave creams, various shampoos, a razor, more shampoo, and more body washes. The bottles are squeezed and contorted in such ways you would think they belong to King Kong. When teen-daughter leaves the bathroom, after very long showers, the bathroom is trashed. Bottles are strewn about the shower floor, some balanced precariously on the shower door rail, some in the rack (where they should go) and it takes Dad a few minutes to put everything away after teen-daughter wreaks havoc. 

Dad has warned her.

“We don’t mind you using our bathroom, but could you please take the various products back up to your bathroom when you are done? Or, at least, not leave so many laying on the floor?”

Teen-daughter ignores her pushover father. 

But no more.

I’ve now threatened to evict her from our bathroom. Enough is enough. We must return our shower to neatness and simpleness. We cannot have our boy-bathroom overrun and begin to smell like, and look like, a girl-bathroom.

Granted, the exfoliating foot wash is quite nice …but NO!

This will not stand. She has been warned.


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