Badass Leaf Blower

A category-5 hurricane has winds of 156 m.p.h. and up.

My leafblower boasts 260 m.p.h power.

I used to have a leaf blower I got at a garage sale and I don’t know how powerful that one was, but I can tell you …it ain’t a brand-new Toro Ultra Electric Blower (and vacuum and mulcher).

It’s electric. It’s badass.

I didn’t know what I was missing with my old one. I liked that one. But this one? Whoa. I used to have to put the leaf blower about a foot from the leaves and it would blow them about a foot. It was perfect for blowing grass clippings off my driveway or leaves out of the flower bed, but when it came to heavy leaves, I often opted for a rake because I could get more done.

My new Toro Ultra Electric Blower will pretty much allow me to blow leaves into my neighbor’s yard and into the road and not bag anything.



I stood in one spot and blew every leaf off my 20×20 deck. This evening I got up on the roof and blew all the leaves out of the gutters like the leaves were flower petals.

Leaf clean-up used to be a chore. This year, it’s an adventure. Used to be a battle. Now, it’ll be a triumph.

Exciting times around here.

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