Obsessions Never End

I have a sickness. A never-ending quest for better and better headphones.

The latest addition to my collection are the JBL Everest Elite 750s. My regular-guy review is here.  For music listening, they’re B+ or A-.  For phone calls, especially when wired and speaking into the inline mic … they’re the best. Period.

My brother and I will be attending (and hopefully I get picked) The Moth in Ann Arbor on December 18th. Gotta come up with a story about “joy.”

Yes. I’m going to become a story-teller. Why not?  It doesn’t matter that I’m 45-years-old. I’m still living out my promise to myself, and my promise to the spirit of my friend Matt, that I won’t waste another day.

Like, I’m getting emails from kids at Michigan State who saw my lecture a few weeks ago and they’re asking for advice. I’m not about to tell any of them, even the 23-year-old who said, “I feel like I’m running out of time,” that they should take chances and have adventures and then I sit home and wish I would’ve written stories, told stories, and wrote a book, but now I’m “out of time.”  If I, at 45, told a 65-year-old how I’m feeling, he’d probably punch me (that’s what that generation did …punched and tweaked ears).

Today’s Blog post is brought to you by “listening.”  Listen to your heart. Listen to me. Listen to quality headphones.

On my morning walk with my over-the-ear headphones, dress shirt, and a cardigan sweater. Sorry ladies …I’m taken.

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