Lungs, Brain, Heart

book-min-258x30012018 will be the “Year of the Lung, Brain, and Heart” (for me, anyway). It needs a better name. Maybe “Brain, Breath, Beat?”

I’ll come up with something.

Basically, it’s just another thing to Blog about, but if I do it right, it might help someone else.

Starting with the brain – Step 1 – reduce sugar consumption by a lot as a major first step.

Actually, there’s five steps to fixing my brain (according to this Dr. Masley cat. Here’s the first two he gave me in his FREE video series.

  1. Limit toxins (sugars, white bread, and processed meats – guilty)
  2. Limit and manage stress – some stress is good (elevates things), but long-term stress does harm. And to manage stress, add (a) daily exercise, (b) laughter, (c) adequate sleep, and (d) meditation, prayer, and calm.

So, I tricked my son into working out with me every day and rekindled Project 44. More on that in a future Blog …but it’s basically 44-minutes of exercise and each exercise is done 44-times.


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