Genius in the Modern World


Thanks to the Drew & Mike (Marc, actually) Podcast, my life is better. For starters, without Drew Lane, I don’t know what my opinion is on things like Detroit politics, I’m never sure which pop-culture people and things are cool and not cool, and without Drew Lane, I don’t know which books to read. Actually, who am I kidding? I don’t read books. But Drew Lane reads books, reads parts of the books to me, and summarizes the rest of the book and when he does, I add that book to the list of books I’ve read.

Yes. I’ve had more than a few conversations about certain books and have completely held my own as if I’d read the book. In fact, I’ve recommended books to people under the guise of “I loved that book” and people have bought the book based on my recommendation.

It’s a sickness. But I loved Drew & Mike (Marc, actually) forever and am sooooo glad they’re back as a daily Podcast. And a very sad, sick part of me is oh-so-happy Trudi Daniels is outta work and can join them twice a week.

The second part of Drew & Mike (Marc, actually) improving my life is because they introduced DJ Cummerbund into my life. This is no less brilliant than Da Vinci or Einstein.

Now I need your help. Which of these is better and more brilliant?

2 Comments on “Genius in the Modern World

  1. I can’t say which one is better and more brilliant (I like them both), but I like the Ozzy one the best. It gives me happy feet.

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