Pretty Excited About This Eurolux Stainless Steel Cool Touch Electric Kettle

Do you know how you know when you’re old? It’s when you order a quick-boil electric kettle on eBay and you want to high-five someone. Or, you know you’re old when you talk about the quality of a chair because you can sit in it for a long period of time and when you stand up, your back doesn’t hurt. Or, another sign you’re old is when you start driving about 2 m.p.h. under the speed limit because you’re really not in that much of a hurry, and driving conservatively saves gas and will prolong the lifespan of your engine.

Yup. I’m old. But I’m excited, especially about the 6 temperature settings.

  • 160°F- Delicate Teas
  • 175°F- Green Tea
  • 185°F- White Tea
  • 190°F- Oolong Tea
  • 200°F- French Press Coffee
  • 212°F- Black Tea

And it gets many, many 5-star Amazon reviews.

I also ordered socks for the legs of my chairs to protect my new hardwood floors. Oh, yes. I party on Monday night’s like a mutha!

Keep checking back to my blog as I will be building shelves for my laundry room to custom fit into an odd shaped area. It will either be the most brilliant thing I’ve ever done, or it will make me look like the guy in A Beautiful Mind and while my brain tells me I’m brilliant and saving the world, my wife will be asking me to sit and talk with a counselor.

It ain’t like I’m bragging, but I will have a badass (and organized) laundry room.

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