Time. I’m Wasting It.

Every day I get older and some day I’ll be so old, all I’ll want it more time.


But what am I doing with the time I have, now? I like to spend my time with my family. I cherish the time I sit with my kids before their bedtime and read. I like reading. I love my Monday nights and splitting a bottle of wine with my wife while watching The Bachelor. I think the long weekends I spend Up North on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are the best. I like the time I spend coaching my children’s soccer teams. I like hanging out for hours with friends and talking. I like the time I spend talking on the phone with my brother, my sister, and my Dad.

I wish I had just a few more moments with my mother and my Uncle Jerry.

What about the rest of my time? What am I doing with that time? Am I pursuing dreams? Am I maximizing the talents and blessings God gave me?

I need to take stock of the time I’m wasting. I also need to ask myself is watching TV with my wife and reading with my children the best use of my time.

Years ago I wrote a blog about turning 40 and rationalizing how I was still a young man and life was nowhere near half-over. I told everyone I wasn’t mid-life and wasn’t having a mid-life crisis. I argued that the first 23 years of a person’s life in our Westernized society is completely out of their control (it’s still while the brain’s frontal lobe is forming, or some shit like that …I really researched it at the time). So if you don’t really start living and planning and adventuring until you’re, say, 23-years-0ld, and if you expect to live and be alive and motivated until you’re 75, well 50 is “mid-life” because “life” starts at age 25 and ends at 75, so a person has 50 amazing years during which they must do their life’s work.

Here I am 44. I’ve done some great things and I really gotta get crackin’ to knock off some BIG THINGS before I’m 50.

I will never dunk a basketball. I will never play on a British Premier League team at a high level, but I think there are some amazing things I still need to accomplish.



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