Don’s Best-Of 2016 – Phone Bag and Ear Buds

waterproofHere we are 10-days into 2017 and I think it’s about time I start reporting on my best-of 2016. A lotta people compile lists in December but never stop to think the best-of might still be yet to come. It was for me. For example, my wife bought me a waterproof smartphone bag thingy for Christmas, and it’s brilliant. I don’t want a case on my phone. But sometimes I’m out fishing, or sledding, or by the pool, and I do . . . just to use my phone as a camera. And this baggy thing is perfect. And it has a pad inside to protect it when I drop it. And it floats.

If I had compiled my best-of before December 25th, it wouldn’t have made the list – and that would be a shame.

sennheiser – 2015 was a research year and 2016 was a purchase year. I bought the Sennheiser MM 70i, and look at how the microphone aligns – it points up at my mouth/chin/vocal area instead of out away from my chest or, if it flips around, towards my chest. The noise cancelling is like magic. Even when not playing music, I can barely hear the outside world, and when I add any music at even low volume, the world goes away. It’s a little dangerous being that isolated, so even when I wear them on the edge of my ears so I can hear things like my kids, a car driving up behind me when I’m walking the dog, or sirens, they stay in my ear. This was inspired by my hatred of the Apple ear buds, but by my love of wired ear buds for talking on the phone, shooting selfie SnapChat vids, or anything else. Did I mention the incredible sound quality? I’ve taken a liking to classical music (to ward off Alzheimer’s) and when you listen to an orchestra, you deserve to hear everything.

In my next Best-Of, I’ll tell you the what the best song, mp3 player, and shoe is.



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