A Good Ballad Can Still Be a Hit

Sometimes I wonder if we’ll never have crooners and ballads as part of the Billboard Top-40. I remember the ’80s (and early ’90s) when Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Phil Collins, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, and Boyz II Men clogged up the Top-40 and Top-10 with huge, soaring ballads. Now? It’s all Fetty Wap and Ariana Grande.

Yes, this is the type of thing I “wonder” about when driving in my car alone. And I “wonder” …how much water is too much water and should I buy a book of crossword puzzles to help ward off Alzheimer’s?

But then, a song like Adele’s “Hello” comes along and it’s impossible not to love it. I mean it. It’s impossible. Show me someone who says, “I don’t really like Adele and don’t understand what all the hub bub is about,” and I’ll show you a damn dirty liar. It’s like when someone says they don’t care for bacon. Um. Sorry. The human taste-bud isn’t that complicated and the human taste-bud scientifically and empirically is, via evolution, designed to like salty meat. We homo-sapien human beings have only been reading, writing, farming, and speaking for about 10,000 years (actually, I’m not sure if we’ve had farming technology for 10,000 years, but whatever), and that’s not enough time for evolution to take away our animal instincts of craving meat for survival.

I’m not scientist.

Anyway …the point is …just as all humans like bacon, so too do all eardrums like Adele’s voice. Our ears like birds singing, babbling brooks, lightly falling rain, and Adele.

Ballads still have a place in this world. And sometimes, children’s instruments and Jimmy Fallon have a place in a ballad.

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