What Life is All About…

Wanna know what life is all about?

When I was in elementary school my parents took me out of school early on the Friday that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom hit theaters. Could I have waited and seen a 7 o’clock show that evening? Certainly. But for this past 30 years, that was an amazing, fun memory. It’s just stuck with me. And we don’t have to argue about how Temple of Doom was cheezy and not all that great. I was in 5th Grade. Maybe 6th Grade. And I got to leave school early …on a Friday … to see a movie before anyone else.

Flash forward to 2015. Earlier this evening my son and I went down to our local theater and bought tickets for “opening day” for Star Wars. He danced when we left the theater with still forty days until we can actually see the movie. He sang the Star Wars theme song as we walked back to the car with tickets in hand. And we have tickets for the 2:30 show on Friday, December 18th. I’ll pick him up from school at 1:30 – a full two hours before his classmates will get out of school (for the Christmas break, even).

If it all goes right, whether the movie is good or bad …it’ll be a day, maybe, he’ll remember for the rest of his life as I have remembered that day all those many years ago when I was skipping out on the last few hours of school and watching Indiana Jones float down from an airplane on an inflatable boat and watching a man have his heart pulled from his chest. That kinda stuff sticks with a person. Not the heart-pulling-from-chest stuff …although that was probably the most gruesome thing I’d seen up to that point in my life.

No …what stuck with me was this …life is long, hard, and tedious at times. Remember to have fun.

If you see my boss …tell him (or her) that I have some intense sales meetings on the afternoon of December 18th. But, if you see me that Friday, you’ll see the geeky me having a ton of fun with my eleven-year-old son.

May the Force be with you.

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