Imagination is a Wonderful Thing

There’s dust on the furniture on this blog and it smells of spoiled food (I think I left a half-eaten Jimmy John’s sub behind the cabinet …thankfully not a tuna sub). It’s kinda embarrassing because I still consider myself a “blogger”, but if I’m not blogging (blogging = writing), then what am I doing?

See, what they tell you about blogging is that you have to have a focus on a particular topic and then pound it home. So if you’re passionate about motorcycles, blog about motorcycles. If you’re passionate about life-coaching or sales-training, blog about sales training.

This blog has never had “focus.” Sometimes I feel inspired to blog about being a Dad. Sometimes I feel inspired to blog about my lungs and breathing issues. In my mind, I’m ashamed about how random my blog is which, if you think about it, is the ultimate in unhealthy thinking.

I took a comedy writing class once and the first day the instructor tried and tried to drill home a point – your ideas don’t suck. He opened every class by reminding us of that point. He tried to tell us every idea is a thing of beauty and to think how amazing that we, as humans, can “think” and “dream” and come up with stuff out of thin air.

Like right now …I bet you aren’t thinking of a monkey riding and elephant delivering a pizza to your house. It was impossible that you were thinking that 3-seconds ago. But now … you see it in your mind.

It’s called “imagination” and this writing teacher always tried to say it’s the true miracle of being human …that our minds can invent and wander and daydream. He’s right. And I’ve forgotten it over these past 15 years since his class.

I like blogging. I would like 10,000 readers because it would be good for my ego, but then again, on days when I know not a soul read my blog, I’m pretty OK on those days, too, because I feel like I did something. Meaning, I said, “I’m going to blog about my snowblower” and then I did.

Curing cancer this blog is not. But it’s something. And it’s not like every blog out there is changing the world.

If you take away one thing from this blog entry, take this …your ideas don’t suck. If you think blogging is a good idea …do it. If you think re-kindling your love of building model cars is a good idea …do it. If you think picking up the phone and calling and old friend is a good idea …trust me …that’s the best idea of all. Go with your ideas and the daydreams you’re having.

Monkey on an elephant delivering a pizza.

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