Things I (Will) Have: Two Resumes

I have this idea that I should have two resumes. One for the life I have and have lived for 20 years, and one for the life I want.

And it’s not as if my better resume has me living the life I imagine Justin Timberlake has. No, my better resume says I’m a sought after speaker, published author, and social media thought leader. I’m not trying to be Tony Robbins, Stephen King, or Seth Godin (trust me, those are leaders in each of the fields I hope to excel in). I’m trying to be me. I’m trying to let my true, joyful self out of his box.

My non-work resume, don’t get me wrong, is pretty awesome. Three kids. Two cars and a house. A great wife of 16 years. I just need to add to it “goes to bed happy” and “wakes up a conqueror.”

Have you looked at your résumé lately? Ready to update it? Better yet, ready to invent a new one?

Ever wonder what I’m doing on some random Saturday morning? @donkowalewki is where you’ll find the answer.


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