Things I Wonder: What To Do with Endless Possibilities?

We all understand the world is full of endless opportunities, right? Nowadays, there’s hardly an idea too big to dream? I’ve come to grips I’ll never play point-guard in the NBA, mind you, but I’m not willing to concede I can’t be a mini-salsa mogul, that I can’t write a few books (and maybe some will sell), and that I can’t turn my writing “hobby” into an “income.”

Knowing that you can have multiple dreams and projects going simultaneously, and each has no ceiling in sight, what do you do with those endless possibilities?

Think of your life as a to-do list. You and I make “to-do lists” at work, yes? We make them for projects we need to get done around the house, right? Or we make a packing list before going somewhere. We make the list, we check-off items, and we work until the to-do’s are done.

Make a to-do list for your life (but please don’t call it a “bucket list” if you’re under the age of 60, OK?).

Now, the rest is simple. Start checking things off.


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