Things I Will Do: Check-Off Everything on this List

One of these days I’m going to have a burst of inspiration and it’s going to stick. One of these days I’m going to change my life, take control of my life, stop letting life happen to me, and make life happen.

Is that cliche enough for ya?

Maybe today’s the day. Well, today is a day where I’m feeling shot-out-of-a-cannon and can’t wait for the day to get started. I’m going to sell. I’m going to write. I’m going to create. I’m going to tell a story. I’m going to call friends I haven’t called. I’m going to smile at everyone I meet. I’m going to set appointments. I’m going to close a sale. I’m going to have a great conversation with a good friend.


And I’m going to do it in 15-minute intervals.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m traveling quite a bit with this new job. I should’e marked on a calendar how many nights I’ve spent in hotels since March 1st. I’m guessing I’m pushing 40 nights away from home. Gulp. Well, for a while, I was using all the time traveling and driving around to listen to music until this last trip. Good friend Myndi suggested I start downloading some Podcasts and I had been ignoring that advice, and then I stopped ignoring that advice.

Podcasts are great. And there’s a podcast for just about any topic. I chose a few on writing and grammar (Grammar Girl, I Should be Writing, and Writing Excuses), a couple of funny and entertaining podcasts (Sklarbro Country and Comedy Bang Bang), and a few self-help and motivating choices (Get-it-Done Guy and Good Life Project).

These last two have been the most meaningful. Good Life Project podcasts are 30- to 45-minutes with an author or someone fascinating and it’s unfiltered insight into how their mind works. And what I like, is that I can take little bits of brilliance from each podcast and apply it. I can’t apply everything, but I can apply quite a bit. It’s like a reminder to step back and take a deep breath, and revisit your “plan” (if you had a plan) or make a plan.


Gotta quick finish this up …I only gave myself 15-minutes to write and post this blog entry …and that’s because something in Good Life Project said I should break tasks into 15-minute segments. When we spend hours and hours on something, we’re either intimidated by the thought of spending all those hours or it’s self-destructive.

For me …it’s true. Every day I say, “I need to write on my blog,” and then I don’t because I see the task as being something that will take me nearly an hour …even though I know it doesn’t have to.


So, I’ll conclude with this. I feel better for not entirely finishing my thoughts and this blog entry and I have something “to be continued” on tomorrow’s blog. I set a timer for 15-minutes and those 15-minutes are nearly finished and I’ll quickly start my to-do list and blog a little more atcha tomorrow. Do you have 15-minutes, right now, to do something you’ve been meaning to do? Get started – that’s the most important part.

1. Write a blog entry on amazing actress friend for MSU Alumni blog

2. Call J.S.

3. Call M.W.

4. Write a blog entry on amazing reality-TV friend for MSU Alumni blog

5. Start writing TV-show pitch starring amazing friend in wheel-chair

6. Spray roof with mildew/mold remover

7. Trim big bush in front of my house

8. Clean out gutters

9. Clean crud off gutters

10. Write quick Bachelor recap for spunkybean.

11. Stop worrying that I didn’t properly link all the references in this blog entry.

12. Revisit this blog-entry and insert hyperlinks to all my references. Check spelling, grammar.

13. Spend 15-minutes promoting this blog entry via Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and every place else I can think of sharing it in 15-minutes.

14. Read two blogs from people I hope read my blog.

15. Finish Bachelorette recap for spunkybean and post.

Phew. This felt great. And my coffee is still warm.


4 Comments on “Things I Will Do: Check-Off Everything on this List

  1. I know you can accomplish all you want to do. My post today speaks to you, internal motivation is a hard thing to get going but once you do you will do it all and more!! I believe in you:)

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