Things I Have: A Blog, A New Job, Thoughts, and a Snuggie

I’ve mentioned it here a few times, and a few times on Facebook, but I’ll mention it again. I have a new job. I left my media sales career of 16 years to get involved with a start-up. A start-up doing something so cutting-edge, I felt like I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without getting involved and seeing if I could be a reason it blows up and takes off. Yes, I went from a job with flexible hours, pretty good benefits, 4-weeks of vacation, and a certain amount of predicability to a job where pretty much everything is unknown and whatever it becomes is up to me.

I imagine everyone hopes to be a part of something like that. I think I am. So far, so great. I’m in my ninth week …and the training wheels are definitely off.

The job comes with a ton of travel. Which is the hardest part, because I’m a simple homebody. But, I keep saying to myself, traveling during the week only robs me of a couple of hours per day of time I’d normally spend with my kids, and usually the early morning 40-minutes is spent scarfing down breakfast, scurrying around the house making sure everyone’s hair is brushed and backpacks are packed. Not exactly “quality time.” And then in the evenings, when there’s not baseball, soccer, or dance, and I don’t have bowling, I get to make sure they’re doing their homework, or I’m mowing the lawn, or (sadly) looking at my iPhone and texting with people (I really need to stop doing that). So, yes, I’m justifying it, right or wrong. On a “good day”, I have 3 1/2 hours with my kids when I’m not traveling. A 1/2-hour in the morning, and 3 interrupted hours in the evening. So …as long as I’m home on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and maximize that time, and work so hard that my boss doesn’t mind when I take real, long, quality vacations …I think everything will turn out all right.

Why this long blog entry? Partly, to put my thoughts on paper (although, not paper) and organize my emotions. Partly to see if my adventure of being a part of something like this might be worthy of an e-book or lecture series. And partly, because I think those who read my blog (mostly family and friends) might be interested.

I just keep thinking about the guy who invented the Snuggie. I always imagine him telling all his family and friends about his idea for a blanket with sleeves and everyone likely rolled their eyes and thought, “who …who the hell is going to buy that?” Think about it …the guy was probably, like, “no, you don’t understand …it’s a total pain in the butt to have to wrestle your arm out of a blanket to talk on the phone or work the TV remote control.” And people probably said, “actually it’s not.” But the Snuggie inventor wouldn’t be deterred and …BAM …overnight millionaire.

The biggest difference with my new career …when I tell people at parties about it, they all say, “wow.” It’s very cool and very innovative, and it’s fun to tell the story about how this combinations of technology will change the industry I’m selling it to. Now I just have to tell that story loud and over and over again.

But I need to hop a plain and go places to do that.

So …I’m off. Wish me luck.

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