Things I Love: Helping People

Today I’ll have two meetings and three conversations regarding blogging, writing, and social media. I’m certainly not an expert and haven’t turned my blog into a household name, nor have I written a best seller based on the massive loyal following I’ve acquired through years of writing about American Idol and The Bachelor over at But I really like doing it and I learn a little bit more every day.

I’ve learned enough, I guess, that other people who don’t blog or Tweet or engage in conversations on Facebook wonder, hey, how does all this work?

My latest pet project will be for my friend Nick, a quadriplegic who’s been in a wheel-chair since he was 20 as a result of a gymnastics accident. Thing is, his drive and his refusal to let his chair limit him sometimes makes me forget he’s in a wheelchair. If that sounds harsh, it’s not meant to …it’s inspiring …trust me. Travel? He does it. Skydive? He does it. Scuba dive? That, too. In fact, he’s had more worldwide adventures in his 23 years paralyzed than many people have in a lifetime. In a word …he’s living!

So now he’s launching a blog to chronicle his past adventures and start planning new ones. His site is Off the Accessible Path (it’s a play on words around the phrase “off the beaten path”). I love it. In fact, in speaking with him last night, as he was explaining he doesn’t really want to make any  money off the site, just wants to inspire others in wheelchairs, show that anything can be done if you put your mind to it, and hopefully help others plan big adventures, I was inspired. Not to skydive (I’m a chicken), but to keep pursuing my dreams and helping others achieve there’s.

Thanks, Nick. Thanks for reaching out to me and flattering me with an opportunity to be a part of something I think can be really great.

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