Things I Love: Coffee and So-so, Ho-Hum, Meandering Blogging

I like to blog about coffee. But not daily, or consistently, which is why this blog is silly and not widely read. If you are ever looking for tips for growing blog traffic, well, look no further than 100,000 other blogs. My blog is an example of what NOT to do. In fact, I think blogging experts should point to my blog as their “don’t do this” example.

I don’t have guest bloggers. I don’t anchor and keyword and tag things correctly. I don’t have a sole or singular focus. I don’t employ countless trackbacks. And, in fact, I don’t even know that anything in this paragraph is accurately representative of stuff bloggers say.

That said …

No, wait. On that topic. I suck at stuff. Like my salsa business. Yes, I have created a perfect, brilliant salsa – but what I’m going to do with such a great product, I don’t have the first idea. And with my writing …I write well (or so my friends tell me). I write alot. But I don’t actually write about any one thing, I don’t market myself enough, and there are probably countless writers who can barely spell who’ve made more money than me and have more web traffic on their blogs …but what am I gonna do? No …seriously …what am I gonna do? Anyone?

For now, I’ll just keep blogging and writing, and making salsa, and see what happens.

And I’ll make great coffee. Every morning I get up early and create a caffeinated work of art with my Aeropress, and I’ve gone almost exclusively to the upside down Aeropress technique. So good. So smooth. And I’ve added coffee links at the right, like Coffee Review. It’s way overboard, but that dude is a blogger who “gets it.” He found a passion, he writes about it, and writes about it alot. Studies it. Gets quoted in articles. Wrote a book. THAT is how you launch a writing career.

You know how you don’t start a writing career? By writing a blog entry like this. Anyway …I think I may have unstuck my writers block. I’m off …to fool around on Facebook for a while. Then …I’m totally going to write. And if you are meandering and wandering around avoiding the things you should be doing, try my best lines from Modern Family feature on spunkybean. It’ll kill another 5-minutes in your life.

See you tomorrow.

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