Dad Stuff, Part 4: iPhone Cases

Don’t mean to brag, but I recently upgraded to the new iPhone 11. At one time in my life I swore up and down the iPhone 5 was the biggest an iPhone should ever be and all those newer, larger sizes were COMPLETELY unnecessary.

I was wrong. I love the size of my iPhone 11 and part of me wishes I had one size bigger (TWSS).

Now, onto the must-have cases for his nerdy Dad.

Spigen Thin Fit Classic

If this was a perfect world, I wouldn’t have a case on my iPhones at all. They are literally works of art. But, no matter what you do if using them “naked”, they scratch. Scratches bug me. Putting them in the pocket of your coat or jeans, setting them down on a table, putting them in the side pouch of your backpack – it scratches the front and back. Probably little bits of sand. Sooooo, the Spigen Thin Fit Classic is as close to “naked” as I’ve been able to find. It’s almost like having no case, but just enough to handle minor, minor drops. I treat my iPhones like they’re made of glass (which they are), so I only need a minimal protection. And when I do put it in my pocket . . .

Neoprene Sleeve

…and when I put my iPhone in my pocket, first I slip it into a neoprene sleeve. It’s like a pocket inside a pocket, but unlike the pocket on the inside of my blazer, the back pocket of my jeans, or the cargo pocket on my Dad-issued cargo shorts, this pocket is neoprene inside and always free of random bits of sand or lint that can scratch the surface. It’s smart. And acts just like a regular pocket …inside a pocket. A pocket-protector, if you will.

Waterproof Smartphone Pouch (by Travelon)

On a recent camping trip I was laughed at for this (probably because mine has the styling and coloring of an old-timey beach changing tent).

“iPhones are waterproof,” they said and pointed and laughed.

“That thing’s ridiculous,” my college buddies mocked.

I don’t care. I’m comfortable being a Dad and, actually, there are MANY varieties of these waterproof cases and I fish, I boat, I sit at the beach – so this is perfect. Could I get an indestructible Otterbox? Sure. But it’s an all day project getting iPhones in and out of those. With this waterproof pouch, the iPhone slips in easily. You can still work the screen. It connects via Bluetooth to a speaker or earbud (for phone calls), and it’s completely waterproof and floats. I like my Travelon Clear View Waterproof Pouch.

Luphie Batman Magnetic Case

And finally, arriving in the mail any day now, all the way from China (which means it MUST be good), is my Luphie Magnetic Case. This might replace them all. Review to follow.

You might have strong opinions on iPhone cases, but whatever you think is WRONG. I’ve done way, way too much research on this and I’ve spent …cough …multiple hundreds of dollars on glass screen protectors, cases, screen replacements, backing replacements. I’ve concluded this is the ultimate line-up.

Get everything above for about $125 and never worry about your iPhone again.

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