Sweat and Odor? Solved by Degree Black + White

As I’ve gotten older, my reason for buying things is because they solve problems and improve life.  I’ve developed a greater appreciation for things like vaccines, freon, electricity, and plumbing – innovations that made the world better …forever. Not to mention Bogs, rain boots, gutter guards, and Spotify. Life changing stuff, folks.

Image result for degree black and whiteNext on that list is Degree’s Motion Sense Ultraclear Black + White Antiperspirant. For dudes who wear dress shirts, and with more of my dress shirts becoming “high performance” (which feature a blend of cotton and spandex so they can be wash n’ wear and wrinkle free), regular deodorant (by my lifelong brand Old Spice) doesn’t hold up all day.  Conversely, typical antiperspirants are white, chalky, and tend to make shirts yellowy or chalky in the pit area. I also think there’s something wrong about an antiperspirant that 24 hours later it’s still like clay under my arms and cannot be washed away with water alone.

But not Degree Ultraclear Black & White. It goes on smooth, smells nice, and at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, it still smells nice (yes, I sniffed my own pits …when no one was looking), isn’t like dry plaster under my arms, doesn’t discolor my shirts or leave white residue on dark clothing, and upon arriving home from work and changing out of my work clothes, it holds up for the entire evening (which sometimes includes a workout) and rinses away with water in the shower.

Seems like every store can get rid of all their other brands and styles – this is like B.C. switching to A.D. It’s like when man learned to control fire or came up with the power of flight.

Hooray for science. Life. Changed. Forever.

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