Up and At ’em!!!

drew-mikeMy Outlook and remote logon didn’t connect (or was spotty), but I walked the dog. Gave her a good brushing. Enjoyed a nice cuppa coffee. Listened to the Drew & Mike (or Marc) Podcast, cleaned up my Yahoo! Mail Inbox, and moved about a dozen things to my daily To-Do List on Evernote.

Do you use Evernote? Talk about staying in control. Evernote (for you Microsoft folks) is like OneNote, but just know OneNote was created as a response to Evernote. Evernote invented the cloud-based Franklin Planner. I don’t think Evernote thinks of themselves as a Franklin Planner in the cloud, but as a former Franklin Planner addict, this is how I use it.

One of my “power moves” was to create a Notebook called “DAILY” and each day I start a new note and a checklist of all my tasks and phone calls. It allows me to stay “Inbox Zero” over in my Outlook Inbox.

Do you care about my “power moves”? Want to know more about it?

Even just accomplishing the simple to-do of getting out of bed early has started the day with me feeling in control

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