To Agree or Disagree, Which Do I Notice?

I wonder if I notice quotes because they fit in with my thoughts at a certain time, or do I notice quotes because they conflict with my current state of mind? This is a bad example, but if I’m thinking, “I’m going to exercise more,” but I don’t really want to exercise more, subconsciously, will I be more apt to notice quotes about injury and fatigue?

I’m having trouble with time-management and getting things done. I want to do deep, meaningful work, but there’s too much work. I’m not “perfect” by any means, but I like my work to be quality. I like my work to impress others because I think that will have an impact on securing future work (and sales). It seems to be a formula that’s worked? Or has it?

Am I fooling myself that my attention to detail and creativity mean as much as I think they do?

So, I see quotes like . . .

… or . . .

… or . . .

Did Mark Cuban really say that?

Maybe this is why we have a Fox News and an MSNBC which, if you watch their biggest shows at 10 o’clock, pretty much report totally different news stories. And I watch the one that, at any particular moment, fits in to what I want to hear.

Where am I going with this? I’m questioning whether my current state of being, current financial situation, or current level of success, are reflective of the messages I listen to and notice, or do the messages I see and hear appeal to me because of where I’m at in my career, life, and age? It’s like this, and I use this analogy all the time. I worked for 15 years in jobs that required zero travel. I never noticed a commercial for a hotel or airline. Then, one day, I took a job where I’d travel for full weeks at a time, every other week, and suddenly, all I saw were ads for hotels, rental car companies, and airlines. And those commercials mattered to me. Then, I quit that job and lo and behold, I never notice hotel, rental car, or airline ads.

Which comes first? The chicken or the egg? The message or the state?

Kaizen Improvement of the Day: Get rid of all paper notes on my desk

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