The World Revolves Around Me?

No. The world doesn’t revolve around me. Did you see the question mark in the blog title? Sometimes, however, I feel like the choices I make are completely egomaniacal and force the people I love (mainly my wife) to bow to my selfish demands. Like, here’s two things I want to do which will burden her (hmmmm, I guess this entry should be called, “how far can I push my wife until she divorces me?”):

  • Crazy Idea #1: Bedtime @ 10:00 p.m., leading to wake-up time 5:00 a.m. (a solid 7 hours of sleep and a day that begins with a trip to the gym).
  • Crazy Idea #2: Do the Whole30 diet (which will alter how she cooks for the family and shops for the family)

And these are just two crazy ideas out of at least a dozen I have.

Is it selfish? To say, “I want more sleep so I have more energy and focus, and I want to get up early and exercise so I feel better, sleep better, look better, and live longer,” and then say, “I want to revamp my entire diet and all my bad eating habits so I have more energy and focus and so I feel better, sleep better, look better, and live longer?”

Is that selfish? I’m guessing many people would look at this and say, “well, what’s wrong with that? It’s not like you decided you wanted to be an Olympic bobsledder and spend 3 hours a night training and leaving her with the kids.” But those people don’t know how badly I messed-up Valentine’s Day this past weekend. I really f’d up. Maybe I’m just naturally a selfish jackass and that’s the first thing I need to work on. Hmmm. I’ll ponder that in a future blog post: A Fine Line Between Me and Everyone Else.

Moving on ….I have other Crazy Ideas. I want to get back into ghost-writing (including writing a book for M.K.), finish that script* I always talk about finishing (I’m talking to you, K.V.), write more for spunkybean, and listen to more music. Ahem. Yes. I mean simply listening to music. I wish I had more “me time” to do simple stuff …like read a book, or listen to a new CD. And I mean really, really listen. Listen uninterrupted to the lyrics and the subtle nuances that the artists put into certain songs.

Where will I get the time? Well, if I can simply give up all the time I spend with my wife, even though I can partly justify my behavior to being a better version of myself, for my wife, and living longer so I have more years with my wife, what good is it if I slap her a high-give twice a day …once during the busy morning routine of getting everyone outta the house and once in the evening when helping with homework, doing various daily chores, and putting the kids to bed at 8:15, 8:45, and 9:15, and then myself to bed at 10 o’clock.

Oh, and what about quality time with the kids? Where do I get that time?

Or maybe I overvalue the idea of “daily quality time,” and should focus more on planning for quality time. That’s another blog entry: What is Quality Time?

You’d think a guy with a blog all about himself and who loves Twitter and Snapchat and Facebook (except not right now during Lent) is comfortable with the world revolving around himself and that I don’t have much regard for anyone else. But I swear to you, it’s not true.

I guess I have a Crazy Idea #3: Have a Great Marriage (while being a ultra-driven, Type-A, healthy, inspired, exciting version of myself).

* Writing the script for a TV Pilot is Step-1. Once I show Hollywood I can write a story, script, and dialog, well, then I’ll be ready to get the ultimate feel-good movie idea out of my head and onto paper and …bam …I’ll, be famous. Or, it’s not so much famous, but I’ll feel really great and happy because I’ll have done a thing I’ve been thinking about for 8 years. Hell, I’ll just be happy if I write the whole script and get it into the hands of someone who knows something about storytelling and script writing and someone tells me, “no” or any feedback. Because right now, Steve Carrel, Bob Odenkirk, nor Andy Samberg have no idea this incredible, funny, and clever movie role is even available.

Oh, and this is the best song from 2015. Don’t argue.

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