Thinking About Lent

Start:  8:13am.

Sometimes it takes a major life event or catastrophe to snap a person out of a malaise. This past week dealt a blow to me and my family when we lost my Uncle Jerry to a massive and completely unexpected stroke. To learn a little about what he meant to soooooo many people, you can read my thoughts here.

Why now? Is it cliche to wonder, hmmmm, if I so admired my Uncle Jerry, should I reflect and work to bring more great things from his life into mine? Why not? Or should I wait for a better occasion? A new year? Or next month?

The time is now.

Losing someone who was so impactful on my life, and praying and praying while he was fighting to beat back the stroke, and then praying after he left us that his soul would arrive safely and deservedly in heaven makes the mind reflect on a great many things. Among them, well, first and foremost, is my wondering if I truly appreciate all my gifts, am I living fully and to my full potential, and what things can I add to my life and what things can I eliminate from my life to make life better?

We’re on the doorstep of Lent, a time when Christians and Catholics fast and perform penance for 40 days until Easter. Non-theistic life coaches say, “30 days to make anything a habit.” It’s time for spiritual and personal renewal. On all fronts.

I’m going to make these next 40+ days count and will improve myself. Things I’m considering . . .

  • Give up Facebook
  • Train my dog 15 minutes a day (3x 5-minute sessions)
  • Don’t eat or snack after dinner
  • Write/blog for a 1/2-hour daily
  • Call 2 friends or family members each day
  • Do nothing non-work-related withing the 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. window and do nothing work-related in the remaining hours of my day.
  • As I fast, begin things, and eliminate things, I will ask myself, as Pope Francis is encouraging us, how can I help others with this?

Today is Monday. Wednesday begins Lent. I have 40 hours until Lent begins to reflect on and pray about how I will improve myself over these 40 days.

End: 8:28am.

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