Am I Superman, Yet?

Can you believe it’s been 30 days since I declared I was going to be Superman? Well, Lex Luthor is still on the loose …if that makes sense.

But I am down two belt loops and 7 pounds and charging towards 160 and 155.

I could easily beat myself up for all the crap I haven’t done from that blog, but ya know what? Not today.

What’s that saying? “Adopt an attitude of gratitude?” Sure, I had a couple of crappy weeks at work. But in my job, “crappy weeks” weren’t the result of my getting caught embezzling from the company, and I’m not in charge and didn’t have to downsize people out of their jobs right before the holiday, and actually my “crappy week” didn’t even involve a review or performance assessment from management. I’m in sales. For the better part of 22 months, I haven’t had a “crappy week”. But as anyone in sales will tell you …crap happens. All I gotta do now is roll up my sleeves and increase my activity.

The gratitude I need to focus on was my 11-year-old son saying, “I’d like to learn to mow the lawn and would you pay me?” And as I left the house this morning, hearing him yell from the basement that he installed the latch on the bathroom basement and, “it’s working.” And now he’s thinking he might like to play Travel soccer (which is a serious decision that comes with serious commitment) and that’s pretty exciting, too.

Quick aside …I make my kids play sports to have fun. Rec league is fun and silly and gives them a chance to hang with their friends. So to hear my son say that, maybe, he’d like to get into a more serious league and learn to play better …well, that’s another growing-up moment (to go along with his handyman services and his desire to earn money helping me with the lawn each week).

Oh, and one more thing …this kid has been wanting an iPad Mini for the better part of a year and this entire year has been about watching him save. Watching him forgo certain purchase decisions in order to keep saving money for an iPad Mini, and to watch him ask for gift-cards for his birthday versus Lego sets and XBox games. I’m proud to say, this weekend, we saw the iPad Mini 2 on sale at Target and he had done the necessary planning, saving, and waiting and he’s now a proud owner of a Mini iPad. 12 months in the making.

Back to the soccer thing. Sports is different for every kid. I might remember my childhood differently, but you couldn’t keep me off a soccer field. That was my sport. Sure, I really liked basketball, but I’m short and got cut. I liked football, except for the part where people smash into me. Which is the whole part. I liked baseball, except for the part where one kid throws a ball inches from me and I’m supposed to swing a bat and hit it. Which is a big part of baseball. But I loved soccer. Not sure why I didn’t play Travel when I was a kid, but I think I would’ve liked it.

The point of all this is, overnight it’s like my little boy is growing up. Doing chores and asking for chores. When not fighting with his sisters, he’s looking after them. He’s figuring out what he likes to do. And he’s going to work hard at his chores, his schoolwork, and maybe his sports (soccer).

I’ll be in charge of pushing him and focusing him. I’ll tell him to focus and eat right and get a good nights sleep.  The question becomes, will I live and embody those same messages?

I’ll tell him …be nice to your sisters. Am I respectful and loving to he and his sisters and, more than anyone, my wife?

I’ll tell him …do your chores and don’t complain. Will I hunker down at work, roll up my sleeves, and do my job and not complain?

I’ll tell him …listen to your coaches and teachers. Will I listen to my managers, bosses and my wife and parents when good advice is given me?

I’ll tell him …hey, when  you get involved in all these things …soccer, school, chores …sometimes Xbox and Minecraft take a back seat. Will I prioritize and do the things I need to do and will The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, and the MLB Playoffs take a back seat?

I’ll teach him. Will he teach me?

I like to think, yes, he will, and together we’ll win.

Attitude of gratitude? You bet! I’m grateful for that son of mine. Time to show him just how grateful I am.

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