Indomitable Spirit

All day I’ve been smiling about the brief conversation my wife and I had with my 8-year-old this morning. Just as I was walking out the door to head to work, she came downstairs with sleep in her eyes and stretching and yawning, but with the biggest smile. She said, as she stretched, “I had the best dream.”

We asked what it was. She replied, “I had a dream I lost both my arms.”

My wife and I looked at each other puzzled and shocked. Oh, and it gets better.

“How was that the ‘best dream’,” I asked.

She continued, “well, we were going on a cruise. And we had to go a day early and stay in a hotel and the hotel caught on fire and my arms burned off.”

Best. Dream. Ever?

“That’s awful,” I said.

“No,” she protested. “I mean, kinda, because the bed caught on fire, too.”

“What does this have to do with the cruise? And how was it a good dream?”

“Oh,” she said. “Because when we got onto the ship, they put me in a room full of puppies and the puppies were crawling all over me and licking me.”

So, you see. It’s all about perspective. Albeit an odd perspective only an 8-year-old (and maybe only my 8-year-old) can rationalize, but there you have it. No matter what disaster may befall her in her life, throw her in a pile of puppies and she’ll be fine.

And now …the best song ever that I’ve listened to about 30 or more times since I first heard it on Wednesday. It’s my new favorite song and I hope it’s my favorite song forever.

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