1 Month Down, 11 To Go, and 1 Thing

I don’t mean to freak anyone out (namely myself), but we’ve already burned a month in 2015. Did you make resolutions? I sure did. And how much closer am I to all those things I put on my New Year’s Resolution list than I was 30 days ago?

Ahem. Ask me how many push-ups I can do now that I’ve been training so hard to be on American Ninja Warrior? Go ahead. Ask me.

Um. I don’t know. I haven’t done a single push-up. Oops. And I said I’d wake early every day and write a blog and write some other stuff. And I’m happy to report, 33 days into 2015, I haven’t finished my script nor the book I’m helping co-author. Oops.

But, that’s OK. This is why I’m stepping back and evaluating.

This morning, the leadership team where I work gave us a worksheet and asked each of us to write down “1 thing we’ll do every week to make us better at our job.” I’m paraphrasing, but that’s what I heard them say the task was (never mind I got back to my desk and my co-workers said, “Don, you weren’t listening, that’s not what we were asked to do.”)

That’s what I did. I said I would do this “1 thing” every week and declare it publicly (in my weekly 1-on-1 with my boss) and then make that the first part of my meeting again the next week.

And I’m not doing it because the leadership team told me to do it (and I’ve already established I didn’t actually do what they asked me to do and wasn’t paying attention). I’m doing this because I want to be better. And I’ll do this by making myself accountable.

This week, I’m going to do THREE things I said I’d start making daily habits.

  1. Take the dog for a 15-30 minute walk in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Wake up at 5:15 a.m. and write, or complete some tasks that require me to look at a glowing screen.
  3. Resume 4-Hour Body to the letter (the homemade shortbread cookies sitting on my kitchen counter will not help me see this through, but I’m going to power through).

That’s it. Three things. And I only asked myself to list one thing. I’m such an overachiever.

Tomorrow, I’m going to share a thought on “balance” because something a friend (A.T.) said this morning has me thinking about balance …life-work balance …spiritual balance …the balance in my bank account. I betcha can’t wait.

See you tomorrow or, if not tomorrow, next Tuesday and see if I’ve truly held myself accountable to the three things listed above.

How about you? Can you do one thing this week? Can you do three?

Tim Ferriss is my hero.

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