Things I Did: Marketing Monday

This is not bragging. This is about being proud of a client who was wiling to take a risk and felt confident in me, my ideas, and my radio stations. And this blog entry is a significant departure from what usually gets blogged about around here. This blog entry is born of working with new clients, recognizing in them what true passion looks like, and realizing, hey …I have that, too.

For too long I wanted this blog to be silly and entertaining, but I found it difficult to write because I don’t actually spend my daydreaming moments thinking of jokes for Letterman’s monologue or writing books about vampires. I tried to bend to a reality where if someone asked me what I would do if money was not an object, I would have a great answer and it would be anything but what I was doing during my day job. Turns out, leaving my chosen profession – radio advertising sales – for 6 months in 2013 showed me I actually love my job, love radio, and I loved me doing that for a living.

So here it is. Is it a risk sharing success stories or philosophies on my blog? You bet it is. Because I might make mistakes and sometimes I might be wrong. But for 16 years, each time I made a mistake, I got better.

To my clients and future clients, I will put my heart and soul into creating for you the perfect radio and marketing plan.

So, here’s what I know, today – great creative will get results. What makes great creative on radio? Something that cuts through clutter and sounds different, but yet sounds familiar enough that it, essentially, is an extension of a conversation the listener might’ve just been having. Or it completes a thought the listener had. Or talks about something they were worried about.

It’s the best feeling in the world when someone trusts me, trusts my knowledge, and believes as strongly in their business as I believe in mine.

Congratulations to Macomb Children’s Dentistry on a great start to 2014 and letting me be a part of your marketing efforts. Here’s the 30-second commercial currently making phonea ring and then something a little extra we did together with “Suzy’s” help.

The radio commercial …

The office tour courtesy of Suzy.

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