Things I Wonder: Could This Blog be Better?

Could this blog be better? Yes, of course. But how? As a guy who’s been blogging for nearly a decade (I’m rounding up), you’d think I’d have it all figured out, by now.

I don’t.

I feel like I should just go back to making this a personal journal about whatever it is I’m doing. Like this weekend. As of Friday when I left for work, I had really not much of anything planned for the weekend. Then, there happened to be extra tickets to Disney on Ice for Friday night, so I asked for some and took my family. The 9-year-old boy was excited to go, but didn’t end up having all that much fun because, “there were too many princesses,” even though later he said, “some parts were sorta funny.”

Also, at some point during the day, my wife happened into 4 Michigan State football tickets, so before I knew it, my Saturday morning and afternoon were planned.

Then, the wife suggested, “hey, after the football game, whey don’t we head over the river and through the woods to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.”And we all voted YES.

Again, from no plans to a full, amazing weekend complete with driving Michigan backroads during its peak color tour.

But who’s going to read or care about a blog like this? Maybe just me, and maybe that’s just OK. I used to call my blog “Don’s Ego” and I gave everyone fair warning – this blog was going to be heavy on Don-related things.

What else am I doing? I’m trying to get full night’s sleep. I think it’s just a phase and I’m sure I’ll get back on track, but for some reason, when I wake up at night, I’m awake and that’s it and there’s no going back to sleep. It doesn’t help that my youngest daughter gets up just about every night for some reason or another – bad dream, itchy legs, “heard a noise.” The problem is, once I wake up, I feel awake and alert. It’s not stress or worry and usually I daydream about things – the same as I do at bedtime – and that usually puts me to sleep, but lately I daydream (in the middle of the night) and I don’t disappear into those dreams, anymore.

So there you have it. I think this blog is silly and pointless, I had a busy weekend, and I can’t sleep.

Seems like this could’ve been three blog entries. But who would read blog entries about sleep, an impromptu weekend, and blogging discipline?

Oh. Me. That’s who.

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