Things I Think: We’re Looking for the Smooth Section

20130916-131106.jpgFirst, stop giggling.

Now, let’s talk about my street. It’s an old neighborhood and the streets are showing some cracks after years of snow, ice, salt, and snow plows coming through and tearing things up. I think my home’s value would increase significantly if the township would repave the entire neighborhood. Won’t happen; but it would make the entire neighborhood look better.

The township, instead, does spot-repairs. They fill in the holes with a shovel and some asphalt.  Then, occasionally, they’ll realize when the damage is too great, and they’ll re-surface an entire 40- or 70- foot section. And when they do, it’s amazing. My kids have been obsessed with taking their bikes and their razor scooters down to the “smooth part” and just going in circles.

I can’t lie …it’s nice. It’s why I wish they’d resurface the entire neighborhood and rebuild all the curbs.

Anyway, I watched my kids race down to the “smooth part” and realized that’s what we’re all seeking …smooth sailing. We all want a smooth operation and wish we were smooth operators. We don’t like bumps in the road.

But just like my street, some things are out of my control. It’s not always smooth sailing and there isn’t always a smooth part – but when we find it, enjoy it. We should all be so lucky to recognize when things are running smoothly, and hold onto that moment for as long as we can. Go in circles while we’re there. Because, eventually, Mom is going to call you to dinner and you’re going to be back on the rough and bumpy parts of the road, but hopefully the thrill will keep you going. If you keep scooting and working, you’ll get another shot at the smooth part.

I can’t complain. My life’s been pretty smooth. And when things get bumpy and rough, most times it was because I chose that route. But I really want to get back to the smooth part.

I can get there. I just gotta eat dinner, do my homework, and then push my scooter back to where I want it.

Meet me at the smooth part.



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