Things I Did: Switched Shampoo

This is difficult for me to talk about, but here goes nothing. I had dandruff. I itched and saw flakes and it was hard for me to go out in the streets. So I did what any normal dude would do …I switched to Head & Shoulders. Hell, it’s been around for 50 years (I didn’t look that up) and because of how prevalent it is, and all the commercials I’ve seen over the decades, I just assumed, “hey, every dude must have this problem and I guess this is what I should do.”

Flash forward 4 months (from when I switched to Head & Shoulders, not from this moment) and there I was sitting in my hair stylist’s chair and she says to me, “what shampoo are you using?”

“Why,” I asked with dread and apprehension in my voice?

“Because your hair is very dry and thin and weak,” she went on.

I immediately broke into tears and near hysterics and she and some other stylists had to restrain me and quickly took the gourmet coffee they give me and replaced with calming tea and invited me to the shampooing station. What followed, for the next few hours, was a recommitment to proper shampooing and conditioning, a pledge to use room temperature water (or colder) when shampooing, and overall, a commitment to better hair products.

I’m proud to say, 4 weeks later (which is right now, not four weeks from today), my hair is vibrant and alive and a source of pride once more. The ladies at the hair consulting agency (you may call this a “salon”) switched me to a mild Paul Mitchell product intended to build body and moisturize and I can tell you right now …it worked.

Thank you, Svetlana and thank you Paul Mitchell. It all goes with my “top-down” theory. It starts with your head of hair and if you get that right, it “trickles down” to your brain, your words coming out of your mouth, the sparkle in your eyes, the song in your heart (which, for me, is Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” … always), and a pep in your step.

Thanks, dear readers, for listening. Thanks, in advance, for the supportive Facebook and Twitter comments. It’s been a rough month of June, but summertime and the rest of 2013 will be all right. No …it will be GREAT.

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