Things I’m Doing: Traveling and Keeping a Journal




OK. I’m traveling and as I said in a previous post, I’m going to try and make the best of it. I get homesick, and I’m sure that’s normal, but I’ll only keep my sanity if I enjoy the adventure …notice I’m calling it an “adventure” and not a “job” or “sentence.” It’s all in positioning. Can  you tell I used to work in advertising? Thing is …the job is very cool, the product I’m selling is amazing, and I really enjoy telling the story.

This blog is going to morph into a blog about traveling, selling, and motivation. It might be funny. It might interest you. But, my main hope, is that’ll it will be interesting to my kids. Like, hey …check it out? I was in Kansas City and drove right by the Royals’s stadium. And look …two nights ago I was in Joplin on the same day that horrific tornado hit Moore, OK and the storm system took the highway up to Joplin, MO and I spent a combined 90-minutes (7:00-7:45 and 10:45-11:30) in the shelter areas inside the hotel where I was staying. And there were dogs, cats, babies, and all sorts of random things in there with me …it wasn’t all hotel guests. I guess there’s some unwritten rule that if you’re a public place and have shelter, and the tornado sirens are going off, well, I guess you have to let people inside.

Here’s the TV we were watching while in the shelter area? For the record, Wings v. Blackhawks was also on, but nobody in Joplin, MO seemed very interested in flipping back and forth.



My travels this week took me from St. Louis, to Columbia, MO …to Kansas City, MO …then to Joplin, MO …then to Springfield, MO …and today I’ll wind my way back up to St. Louis and hop a flight back to Detroit.

Follow me at @donkowalewski for constant updates from the road, when I’m on the road, and random, pithy observations when I’m at home and, say, washing dishes and what not.

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