Things I Did: Caught Santa on Video

My 6-year-old had a great idea …set-up a camera and catch Santa on video. Luckily, my very expensive, top-of-the-line flip-cam has a motion and sound activation setting (allowing it to double as a security camera), so we decided we could do this. We tried a couple of different places around the house but we worried that if Santa knew we were trying to catch him on video, he would consider that “naughty” and might skip our house all-together. The decision was finally made to hide the camera in the tree …Santa would NEVER see it.

What follows is amazing. My children and I have analyzed this about a dozen times and here’s what you’re about to witness and hear.

:05 …Santa opens our fireplace doors (audio)

*** turn your head to the left (the camera was on it’s side) ***

:05-:17 …Santa walks across our family room to the tree (audio footsteps)

:17-:20 …Santa steps in front of the camera and squats down to get presents out of this bag.

:20-:25 …Santa puts presents under the tree (there is some debate here on how Santa works …some theorize he arrives at your house with all the presents wrapped …others believe he wraps them magically and at lightning speed under you tree as he pulls them from his bag).

:25-:31 …Santa is done putting presents under the tree and stands up and turns to leave.

:31-:35 …Santa can be heard eating cookies and drinking milk (audio plate and glass being lifted and set down).

:35:40 …Santa walks back to the chimney and you can hear him whisk away and the fireplace doors close behind him (audio footsteps, fireplace doors).

Our BIG regret is putting the camera on a branch that was too high. As you can see, only a foot or two lower and we would’ve seen the man in red. Or is it even possible to catch him on camera? Part of me thinks he knew the camera was there the entire time and purposely kept himself just out of sight.

There’s always next year.

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