Things I’m Doing: 44 Days of Ties (Day 13)

You would think that I would be embarrassed when a couple coworkers caught me taking a picture in front of our coffee machine for my “44 days of Ties” picture …but I wasn’t. Anyone with a blog, and who Facebook’s and Tweets as much as I do, certainly doesn’t have much shame left in the tank.

This tie, believe it or not, is from Structure… which is what Express for Men was back in the 90s. Remember Structure? That was the first store I said that I could walk in blindfolded and pull anything from any rack and absolutely love it. If it was my birthday or Christmas all you needed to do was buy me something from Structure at the mall.

I came very close today to committing a big fashion faux pas. And in fact I’m not sure that I didn’t actually really botch it. But this tie is so old and so different it never ever gets worn anymore. If you look close, it has dice on it. This is not exactly workplace appropriate, but since nobody wears ties anymore I thought I’d go with it. I wore a patterned tie with a pattern shirt and some navy blue pinstripe pants.

Why a tie with dice, you ask? Well, it was the 1990s. I was freshly married and my in-laws lived in Vegas and my wife and I went out to Vegas at least once a year …and I liked playing craps. So, ya know, this tie expressed my passion …sevens and elevens.

There will be a few more challenging ties to come. Some don’t match anything. Some are novelty. But I’m doing this and nothing …NOTHING …will stop me.

Have a great weekend.


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