Things I’m Doing: 44 Days of Ties (Day 3)

You’ll notice there’s been a bit of a hiccup in my Tie-a-Day experiment. Well …that’s because I was on vacation …for a week. And you know who didn’t know I was on vacation? Home invaders and cat burglars, that’s who! Woo hoo! I outsmarted them by NOT taking to my blog and social media and shamelessly telling everyone about my vacation and taking pictures of the sunsets, sunrises, and all other exotic things I was doing while enjoying some R&R in Northern Michigan. Remember, there was that one story about that one person who’s home was robbed while he or she was on vacation, and it was because of their Facebook status messages that thieves knew of his or her absence? Yes, well since then everyone who knows me implores me to tone down the live updates on my Facebook, Twitter, and blog …and Tumblr …and LinkedIn. So, that’s what I did and instead, even though I was away, I’d post random stuff like, “is vacuuming his living room” or “just bumped his elbow on his kitchen chair” or “is sure bored of the same day to day routine of work and stuff” …see? So clever. Burglars were probably, like, “ain’t no way I’m breaking into that dude’s house …he’s sooooo home.”

My secret, however, is that I thoroughly screen all my Facebook friends and Twitter followers via background checks. Sorry, Aunt Margo.

Back to the ties. Yesterday, Tuesday, I was back in my little office cubicle sporting a tie …another solid one-color tie on a pattern shirt. It’s so trendy but know this …it’s the last solid-color tie in my wardrobe. From here on out, you’ll be seeing patterned ties and solid colored shirts.

This solid-light-blue tie is one of my favorites. It’s a hearty stock and ties so easily every single time. Being light blue and a little shiny, it’s only drawback is how quickly it shows a stain or a greasy finger print. I mean, ties were pretty much invented to hide small drips of food and the ugly buttons on a shirt, so a tie that doesn’t hide anything sort of defeats the purpose. But I’m the type of guy who gladly sacrifices fashion over function and I think my first day back to work was a little better because of that fashion sense. Everyone kept saying, “welcome back” and I’m pretty sure they meant, “welcome back, Don’s Tie Project.”

It’s good to be back.


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