Bronchiectasis: A Look Back

Thinking reposting the Blog entry below might be timely. Why? Because starting about Thanksgiving I started eating like crap, then starting coughing like a sumbitch, then caught a cold, and then had to go see Dr. Sherman about my lungs, get my antibiotic, and have him yell at me about (a) small portions, (b) no snacking in the evening, (c) no sugar, white flour, and rich fatty meats. Read More

Is There a Proper Way to Launder Your Clothes?

This week, when my 13-year-old daughter asked, “Dad? Will you do a load of laundry for me?”  I said to her, “do you want me to show you how to do laundry?”

She said, “sure,” and so I showed her.

My method is handed down from my Mom. At least I think it is. But where did she learn her method? Home Ec’ class? Her mother? Read More

Obsessions: The Wild Diet by Abel James

From time to time I get obsessed with diet and exercise. If I read something really good, I’ll tell you why.

Looking for an eating plan that makes sense, written by a guy with a great Podcast? Then you need to deep-dive into Abel James. Read The Wild Diet. And listen to Fat-Burning Man Podcast.

I added my thoughts on this book in my Obsessions/Books menu.

It’s not all the way to “eat like a caveman” approach, but it’s close.

Weezer Stuff

There are better places on the Internet to get Weezer news, but why work that hard. Here, you’re reading stuff from a guy who was among the first ever to subscribe to their fan club newsletter back in 1993 when the newsletter was delivered by U.S. Mail.

I don’t know who they’re dating. I don’t know Rivers’ wife’s name, and I don’t know how many kids he has. I don’t know what kinda car the bass player drives.

But I know enough.

Like this …they (Weezer) just released a video for the song “California Snow” which is on the soundtrack for a movie called Spell. The movie looks odd and freaky and not like a movie I would typically watch, but because Weezer has a really cool song on the soundtrack, I might just find my way to a movie theater to check it out …oh, and it looks artsy, so it would kick my hipness up a notch and some night I might be having a random conversation and someone might mention Spell, and I can be like, “I saw that and it really spoke to me, and do you know Weezer is featured on the soundtrack?”

Here’s the movie trailer followed by Weezer video for “California Snow” and features the hilarious Adam Devine being hilarious as he can while lip-syncing.


Clean-Up, Aisle Website

If I’m going to be a Podcast star, an author, public speaker, and a screenwriter, I really need to up my Website and Blog game.

I’m into coffee. Very specific coffee beans and very specific techniques. I don’t even have a drip coffee maker. I know. Freegin’ crazy.

I’m into my Jeep.

I’m into social media.

I co-host and listen to some great Podcasts.

I’m currently doing a burger tour with my son, my drinkin’ buddy, and my drinkin’ buddy’s son.

I’m obsessed with headphones.

And, above all, I want to be a writer. I want people to read the things I write. So if someone happens to stumble on something I’ve written and want to read more of my stuff, I really need to get my act together.

For years I’ve laughed at people in sales who’ll come in on a Monday and say something like, “today, I get organized, and clean up my desk and my files, and throw away a buncha shit, and tomorrow I’ll get to selling, and cold-calling, and setting meetings.”

I laugh and think, “you’re just kicking the can down the road. If you want to sell, just pick up the phone and call someone and say, ‘hi, I want to sell you something and it starts with a meeting where I ask you a bunch of questions about your business, dazzle you with how much I already know about your business, gain your trust, wow you with a creative idea, and then you buy something from me.”

The people on the other end of the phone don’t know how clean or organized your desk is.

What does this have to do with me and cleaning up my Blog and Website? Isn’t that the same as cleaning and organizing one’s desk? No. It’s essential for a writer, Podcaster, and someone who wants to be a brand unto themselves …which is what I want to be.

So, over the next week, I’m going to make sure when you come to my Website, you’ll gonna know exactly what Don Kowalewski does.

Other places I write stuff: Image result for twitter icon Image result for instagram icon  Image result for facebook icon  Image result for youtube icon  Image result for linkedin icon

Snapchat: donkowalewski

Burger Tour

My drinkin’ buddy and I have 15-year-old sons and we thought of a great idea. The kinda idea that only drinkin’ buddies can come up with. Is this idea to take our sons to art museums? To teach them how to change the oil in their car or grill meat? No. Our idea is to tour southeast Michigan, and maybe beyond, for the best burgers. The classic burgers. The classic burger joints.

Burger Tour Home Page

Sometimes a burger is genuinely unique because of the preparation and special sauce (ie Duggan’s or Red Coat). Sometimes a burger is legendary because, well, the restaurant itself is legendary (ie Nemo’s or Miller’s). And sometimes a person can’t even put their finger on why a burger is sooooooo good (ie Brady’s or Detroit Burger Bar), but it just is.

Here’s our list. Leave a comment if we’re missing a can’t-miss burger joint, burger shack, or burger bar (I think those are three distinctive categories).

…and this list will keep growing. I’ll review our experience, but not in a snobby food critic type-o-way …a food critic wouldn’t give Big Boy the time of day, but that critic is missing out. A classic Big Boy is an original and I will not hear otherwise.


The 2019 Christmas List

The snow came early in Michigan, and so too will my Christmas list.

Let’s get one thing straight …I don’t do this for me. I do it for you. I also do it because it annoys (and amuses) my wife. It helps my wife get me the perfect gift (I know how she likely stresses over that). My Christmas wish-list celebrates the holiday spirit of giving, and I know how hard it can be sometimes to know exactly what to give others. I make it easy.

What do you get for the man who has everything? I don’t know. I ain’t that man.

We’re living in a material world, and I am a material man.

Rest assured, none of the products below sponsor me or this Blog, so my list is completely non-biased. Items like the Sorel boots are born of a loyalty for a product that lasted forever and always kept my feet dry and warm. The blue light blocking glasses by TrueDark are well researched and considered the best on the market.

So, without further ado, the tradition continues and I give you my 2019 Christmas Wish-List…

Hollar if you need my shipping address.

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Let’s Play Snow-Day or No-Snow-Day!

It’s time for everyone’s favorite new game show (queue snappy 70s disco music) …

Snow-Day or No-Snow-Day!!!


You all know how to play, but for those playing at home, here are the rules…

First, you start to get texts from friends and co-Teachers (I’m married to a teacher, and teachers take this Snow-Day shit way more serious than kids) saying, “have you seen the weather.” Then, you open your App and compare it to the Accuweather App, and then you keep texting back-and-forth to make sure what you’re seeing on your App is what everyone else is seeing. You start to check the local TV station websites for up to the minute school-closing lists and for some weatherman to tell you what you already saw on your weather App.

I do none of this because I have a job where they don’t give us snow-days and I take a little delight in telling my entire family that I don’t think they’ll have a snow day. I’m a jerk.

Then, if you’re not bitter and not me, you start hoping for that phone to ring and the automated voice to tell you, “due to inclement weather, School-You-Go-To is closed,” and you wait …and wait, and wait.

Side note …I mean, it’s great that schools can robocall their entire staff and student body, but when a Principal can, essentially, play God and cancel school, he or she should really have some fun with it. I think the Principal should first make a fake-call and say something like, “hi, this is your Principal, and the weather looks grim so, for tomorrow, School-You-Go-To might be closed. Stay close to your phone and put those pajamas on backward. And now, here’s my favorite passage from Old Man and the Sea … everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated.”

Add a little flare, right?

That robocall-thing is a cool modern aspect of the Snow-Day or No-Snow-Day game show. In my day, we didn’t get phone calls. We listened to the News radio station and watched TV. The only time the phone rang was when another Mom would hear from a teacher who heard from the neighbor of the Superintendent that school was officially canceled.

Another modern snow-day tracking thing is the Snow Day Calculator App which allows you to enter your zip code, school, city, and the level at which you believe in a higher power,  and the App will spit out the mathematical likelihood that you’ll have a Snow-Day. At the time I write this Blog, there’re 7-inches of snow on the ground in suburban Detroit and another 2 inches will fall by midnight, and Snow Day Calculator says there’s an 80% chance my kids (and wife) will not have school.

Oh, and your school will always be the last one cancelled and as you see schools and districts around you canceling school and you’re still open, you’ll badmouth that school and those people in that city as being soft and weak until your school gets canceled and only then will you concede the storm is actually bad enough that it could jeopardize safety …before that moment, everyone else was overly precautious.

When school is finally canceled, there is joy, dancing, screaming, and drinking (hot cocoa for my kids, wine for my wife). Even though everyone knows all at once, all at the same time, and every phone in our house, including the landline we forgot we had, all ring to robocall the good news, every kid and teacher-wife need to text all their friends and co-teachers to confirm it’s really, really true.

And then everyone immediately begins tracking the likelihood that the next day will be canceled, too.

Oh, another part of this is old-guys like me, and often grandparents and people without kids, will all  reminisce about how kids-these-days are snowflakes and wimpy and, “in my day they never canceled school,” and maybe that’s true, but don’t all old-people and parents want a better life for their children and grandchildren than they had? Well, more snow-days for lesser-reasons is that better-life you wished for.

Stop complaining. Build a snowman. Go see a movie. Because you’re the next contestant on . . .

Snow-Day or No-Snow-Day!


Stay tuned tomorrow for how I didn’t rake or bag a single leaf this fall.

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Right to Left

f1p1o9pfevp6wia.large_I’m right-handed, but starting today, I’m going to do everything left-handed.

Why? To see if it can be done and if I can make myself ambidextrous. I did it once before, with my computer mouse, when carpal tunnel made my right-hand go numb. It was quite the experiment, but I was amazed. I’m now equally adept at using my computer mouse left- or right-handed. I know, I know …brag much. And at one point in my life I taught myself to kick a soccer ball with my left foot – and if you can believe it, I eventually was better with my left on corner-kicks and free-kicks. Never would’ve expected that.

Great thing about the Internet is that I’m not the first one to do this. I’m able to see the benefits or the harm that can be done. Really? It can harm me?

“Although teaching people to become ambidextrous has been popular for centuries, this practice does not appear to improve brain function, and it may even harm our neural development.” -Michael Corballis, professor of cognitive neuroscience and psychology at the University of Auckland in New Zealand

My goal isn’t to learn to write, but simply to give my carpal tunnel’d right-hand a break and experiment. Simple things …use my computer mouse, hold a glass, brush my teeth, one-handed thumb-type on my iPhone. Ya know …important stuff.

This is day-1 of me Resolution-A-Day reboot. More to come.


Badass Leaf Blower

A category-5 hurricane has winds of 156 m.p.h. and up.

My leafblower boasts 260 m.p.h power.

I used to have a leaf blower I got at a garage sale and I don’t know how powerful that one was, but I can tell you …it ain’t a brand-new Toro Ultra Electric Blower (and vacuum and mulcher).

It’s electric. It’s badass.

I didn’t know what I was missing with my old one. I liked that one. But this one? Whoa. I used to have to put the leaf blower about a foot from the leaves and it would blow them about a foot. It was perfect for blowing grass clippings off my driveway or leaves out of the flower bed, but when it came to heavy leaves, I often opted for a rake because I could get more done.

My new Toro Ultra Electric Blower will pretty much allow me to blow leaves into my neighbor’s yard and into the road and not bag anything.



I stood in one spot and blew every leaf off my 20×20 deck. This evening I got up on the roof and blew all the leaves out of the gutters like the leaves were flower petals.

Leaf clean-up used to be a chore. This year, it’s an adventure. Used to be a battle. Now, it’ll be a triumph.

Exciting times around here.