Bedphones Hack

Before you read any further, know this – I love Bedphones.

Bedphones saved my sanity and my life at a time when I thought the only possible way I could ever sleep through the night was to sleep in front of the TV. That story behind my love of Bedphones is here. Read it. You’ll understand why I love this product, and even though I’m about to tell you about a Bedphones flaw, known by its inventor and customers, these won’t be the last pair I buy. I love Bedphones so much, I accept that Bedphones break. It makes sense. Bedphones are meant to be worn at night while you sleep. Your head is heavier than you think. It’s like taping two delicately made pieces of electronics to a bowling ball and then rolling that bowling ball all over the place, and then don’t forget this imaginary bowling ball has head oils, earwax, and body head to contend with. You wouldn’t expect tiny headphones to hold up to the “bowling ball stress test”, right?

Bedphones are no match to the battering of 6, 7, or 8 hours of nightly abuse, either, but they tend (my research is from my 11 pairs) to only crap out on one side at a time.

Don’t throw them away. If you’re using Bedphones like I use Bedphones, you can snip away one side (video how-to below) and keep listening in mono. I use Bedphones mostly for:

  • LIstening to spoken-word Podcasts
  • Listening to audiobooks
  • Watching YouTube videos (typically spoken word monologues or comedy sketches)

Hope you find this helpful. If not, send me your half-working Bedphones.

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