Thanksgiving 2019 Toast: One More

Thanksgiving is about one-more. Maybe just one-more appetizer before dinner. Maybe just one-more beer. Maybe one-more helping of Special Corn or turkey. One-more roll. After dinner? One-more piece of pie. Or one-more cookie. And then, OK, one-more cuppa coffee or one-more glass of wine. 

For me? Thanksgiving holds my favorite memories. I don’t know how many Thanksgivings we had at Aunt Denise’s house when we were kids, but I think I celebrated 84 Thanksgivings there, and then 6 or 7 more on Gull Lane. Everyone was there, always, even though everyone wasn’t there …in my memories it was always the same and was the best time. 

I don’t remember the first time we stopped going to Aunt Denise’s or when things changed, but I’m thankful my Thanksgivings have always been special. Thankful for such a great family. 

I’m thankful for all the year’s Grandma Sally and Grandpa Mustache have hosted, and I think I bullied them into letting my family host and I hope Thanksgiving at our house can continue for many year’s and that we can all gather and give thanks, together. 

Sometimes I daydream and wish I could have just …more Thanksgiving over there in Shelby Township with all the cousins and grandpa and grandmas there, with my Mom and Uncle Jerry. One more where I play video games in that little office room or ping pong downstairs. 

But it wasn’t about where we had Thanksgiving, it was being together because as we got ready this week I thought, no, now I wish we had ONE MORE year at my Dad’s.

It wouldn’t matter where. 

I’m thankful for every one-more-year we get to spend together as a family. 

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