Letter to Genesis

Good morning, Erwin:

I noticed on LinkedIn you proudly reminded us…

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To use a car analogy, pitching you an idea is like going from 0-100 without knowing how you like to work or your goals, BUT …this is the type of opportunity that needs to get out quickly.

The Allentown Morning Call had extra Eagles coverage all week, and a special section will run on Sunday. Creative, exciting, and timely Print gets saved and hung on walls.  The Digital delivers Impressions as everyone is reading about their beloved Eagles in the Super Bowl (and winning).

The Philly market is going crazy about the Eagles.  If when the Eagles win, we know the Morning Call will fly (Eagles fly) off the shelves all week.  And their website will pop with traffic.

As you may or may not know, the Philadelphia Inquirer does not cover the Philly DMA entirely.  It’s a 2-3 market newspaper town.  You need the Morning Call if you want to reach the Philly DMA.

Win or lose, we would love for your brand(s) to have a presence next week both online and in print in the Morning Call(.com).

We can offer discounts for running more than two days.  Certainly, we can customize to your budget.

And GO EAGLES! (as Lions fans, I know their pain and understand what a Super Bowl would mean!!!)

p.s.  I also can activate your message in NY, L.A., Chicago, Miami/South Florida, Orlando, San Diego, Baltimore, Hartford, and Virginia. See tronc’s media kit/portfolio here.

congratulate the eagles


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