Donnie Jalapeno

Do you know the story of Donnie Jalapeno? It all started way back in 2013. Maybe before that. But Don, known as Donnie, also know as “me” decided enough was enough and he was going to make the best salsa ever. And he, me, went and did it. And this is the website where I talk about and Blog about the best salsa the world has ever tasted.


And don’t take my word for it, here’s what my family and friends are saying:

“Don. This is great. You should sell this.” -Trent

“This salsa is as delicious as you are wise, witty, and handsome.” -Trent’s friend Chris

“Dad …I love your salsa.” -My daughter

Three out of three people can’t be wrong. Want some? Email me your order at If you are somewhere around Detroit, I’ll drive it right to your doorstep or meet you somewhere. This is all part of my “I only sell it freshly made” philosophy. Trust me …it’s worth it.



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