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Let’s Play Snow-Day or No-Snow-Day!

It’s time for everyone’s favorite new game show (queue snappy 70s disco music) … Snow-Day or No-Snow-Day!!! You all know how to play, but for those playing at home, here are the rules… First, you start to get texts from friends and co-Teachers (I’m… Continue Reading “Let’s Play Snow-Day or No-Snow-Day!”

I Have a Jeep

As I walked out of the grocery store tonight, something strange happened. A man was lying on the pavement of the parking lot, halfway under my car, looking at the underside of my car. It was daylight. Tons of people were around. So I… Continue Reading “I Have a Jeep”

I’m 100 (it’s how the kids say 100%)

Below is a Ted Talk that punched me in the gut. No. Hit me in the head. No. Woke me up (can I say “I’m woke?”). Benjamin Hardy says alotta stuff, but what I hear is stop doing 30-day fasts, or Whole30, or cleanses,… Continue Reading “I’m 100 (it’s how the kids say 100%)”

Neoprene Sleeve

My iPhone doesn’t have a case. Never has. Never will. I like to keep it in my front pocket or back pocket (or any pocket). The problem with that is, something will scratch it. Maybe the keys. Maybe the denim on my jeans. Maybe… Continue Reading “Neoprene Sleeve”

Bought a Car

“So you want to be a rap superstar And live large a big house  5 cars, you’re in charge Comin’ up in the world  Don’t trust nobody Gotta look over your shoulder constantly.”  -Cypress Hill This is bragging in one way or another. Either… Continue Reading “Bought a Car”

My Mom

Thought I would use Mother’s Day and my random Blog to talk about my Mom. Was she the best-Mom-ever? I’ve always thought she was, but to truly figure it out, we would need a panel discussion, surveys, data analysis, and an independent review board,… Continue Reading “My Mom”

The Lawn

As Annie Lennox sang, “here comes the rain again,” and for a guy who obsesses about his lawn, and who has two neighbors with yards higher than my yard, and another guy who does zero lawn maintenance, my backyard is still smushy and muddy… Continue Reading “The Lawn”

Three HILARIOUS Things

Sometimes I pop outta bed at 4:45 a.m. and brew my coffee (via Aeropress) and I plan to get alotta stuff done. And then sometimes, I don’t. Like this morning. I checked Facebook and Twitter and came across these and I laughed and laughed… Continue Reading “Three HILARIOUS Things”

I Won Father’s Day and What’s Next

A quick video on winning Father’s Day and announcing I Love Don Week. It’s also a reminder that we’re about half-way through 2018 and we all made New Year’s Resolutions and promises to ourselves. Now’s the time to take a look at that list, recalibrate, and… Continue Reading “I Won Father’s Day and What’s Next”

Dad Diary: Wear Sunscreen

Life is about fooling people and tricking them into things. Right? Like, I tricked my wife into thinking I was a great guy worth marrying, and I fooled her parents into thinking I’d be a good husband to their daughter, but little did they… Continue Reading “Dad Diary: Wear Sunscreen”