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I Love My Nextdoor Neighbors and my iPhone 8, Not Sure About WordPress’s New Editor

Somebody came up to me at Church and asked, “has your life become boring? I haven’t seen any new Blogs. What gives?” See!?!?!?  People like reading about my shoes, coffee, my hair, and my obsession with headphones. And then someone called me based on… Continue Reading “I Love My Nextdoor Neighbors and my iPhone 8, Not Sure About WordPress’s New Editor”

Great Reading – The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Every Monday, for more than twenty years, a guy named Roy Williams has sent a memo to his friends, fans, clients, and subscribers called the Monday Morning Memo.  Every Monday! Period. He never misses. The “memo” is interesting. Sometimes it applies to what I’m doing.… Continue Reading “Great Reading – The Stories We Tell Ourselves”

An Inspiring Poem

I made a pretty drastic change in my life, recently, and feel inspired. This poem has helped me know I made the right decision, or to say it better, if I didn’t make the right decision, I’m not going to worry about it. Or,… Continue Reading “An Inspiring Poem”

Beginning or Resuming?

I’m feelin’ like my old self. Like anything is possible and I’m king of the world. I like this quote (even I don’t entirely understand it)… “Begin. Keep on beginning. Nibble on everything. Take a hike. Teach yourself to whistle. Lie. The older you… Continue Reading “Beginning or Resuming?”

Memories or Life Tips

My Uncle Jerry taught me many things in life, but something quite random he showed me makes an almost daily impact on me. My Blog readers know I’m obsessed about coffee. I don’t even have a drip coffee maker in my house – I… Continue Reading “Memories or Life Tips”

Were You Wondering About My Face?

Thanks to the TheraSCAR, I won’t have a scar from my paintball injury. And now I’m a bit addicted to Dr. Gray‘s TheraSCAR. I had two other odd scars on my face and they are gone!!! This TheraSCAR stuff is like the fountain-of-youth! It’s… Continue Reading “Were You Wondering About My Face?”

The iHeartRADIO App is the BEST (use the All Access version FREE this weekend)

No. This isn’t me “drinking the Kool-Aid.” This is me, Don, the music and App lover. This is me saying, “iHeartRADIO All Access is the best music App, followed by Spotify, followed by Pandora.” Don’t believe me? Dude. Try the All Access version FREE this… Continue Reading “The iHeartRADIO App is the BEST (use the All Access version FREE this weekend)”

What is That Noise Your Brain Makes?

A young, handsome, amazingly successful guy sometimes feels like you feel.

How to Be Uncomfortable

From the Darren Daily, he offers these 5 uncomfortable steps toward success. Pick the past of MOST RESISTANCE Push Past Hard! Go for failure Suck it up – SUCCESS IS HARD! Supersize your goals

I Won’t Complain!

Of the following things, what is the hardest thing? Stop complaining about anything, ever. Write 300 or more words on a topic. Pick up the phone and call a stranger and ask for their time/money? Each of my readers will have a different answer.… Continue Reading “I Won’t Complain!”