From the minute social media was invented, I couldn’t resist. I had a Friendster and MySpace page the minute I could have one. Remember Blogger? I just had to have a Blog. I wrote about things I liked, opinions I had, and it led to a pop-culture website. Facebook? Yes, please. If I was stranded on a deserted island I would be happy for the rest of my life as long as I had access to Twitter. Wanna see my catalog of vanity license plates, my family, my food, and my vacation views – check my Instagram. Or my SnapChat. Professionally you can find me on LinkedIn, of course, and I have a YouTube Channel. I’ll be you’ve never heard of Tumblr or Hootsuite or IFTTT? Well, I know all this stuff, I use it, and I’ll use whatever comes next. Your grumpy uncle will tell you nobody needs all that stuff, but if you’re a small business, big business, aspiring entrepreneur, a wanna-be author, public speaker, or self-help guru, you know you need all these things if you want Followers, Likes, customers, and subscribers.

I can help you. I can write your book. I’m writing a book. I’ve written a book. I’ve ghost-written two books. Don’t know what a ghost-written book is? Ask me. At parties, people say, “I just love you on social media,” and, “your Facebook posts crack me up.” When I post my eulogies and speeches, they are read, shared, and commented on. I write Blog entries about headphones I like and guess what – an electronics company got in touch with me and sent me thousands of dollars worth of equipment to use and review.

Let’s work together. Let’s write together.

Oh, and I make the best salsa you’ll ever have – Donnie Jalapeno Salsa.

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